DRUZA 2.0, Key Technologies

Protocols and communications


The system is designed to be deployed on existing enterprise infrastructure. This is possible due to unique solutions for communication between DRUZA devices..
Example of a sequence in communication types
The communication systems of the platform can be recruited from several protocols. The basic composition of protocols:
Wifi triangulation and Mesh network
The system anchors create a mesh network. It is a distributed, peer-to-peer, mesh network, the optimal solution for determining the tracking point
The triangulation method is used to determine the exact location of an enterprise asset. To do this, there must be at least three functioning anchors in the beacon signal range. Each anchor forms a list of beacons found nearby and, with a time interval N, transmits service data to determine coordinates.
Communication protocols
UWB (Ultra-Wide Band)
The main tracking technology. Short-range wireless technology with low power consumption. Features: Ultra-wide-band signals with extremely low power spectral density. Eco-friendly and low-energy.
Network protocol for secure, office, and laboratory premises. This system enables personalized tracking of employees' smartphones.
Протокол глобальной сети с низким энергопотреблением и периметром сигнала до 4 км. Система Коммуникации на больших териториях.
Vehicle tracking protocol