DRUZA 2.0 platform

Innovative technologies


The DRUZA project provides for 20+ protected intellectual property objects and 6 objects prepared for state registration.

Fastest deployment
"... - Show me where your socket is?" Installation of the system at an enterprise takes no more than a month. Deployment terms: a week on a large territory (such as a workshop) and a day on a small one (such as an office) - this is not a fantasy, but statistics made possible by the unique form factors of DRUZA equipment. Terms: up to 300 m2 of an area in 1 day.
3D Rendering
3D model, easy to open on any device. The WEBGL technology based on Unity 3D, used in next-generation video games, makes it possible to display 3D models of buildings and territories on computers, tablets, and smartphones, and this is the most optimal way to quickly convey to the user the overall picture of what is happening throughout the enterprise.
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New Generation Artificial Intelligence
Has all the prerequisites to become a flagship development in this area in Russia. Subsequently, to become the most promising in the world already at the stage of its implementation. A unique property of the project is the growth of AI simultaneously with the implementation of the DruzAI system at enterprises.
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Process constructor
A visual constructor for any process, from tracking territories to payments. Allows you to create and launch processes in the enterprise in a few minutes. Basically, it has two levels of nesting: #1. Actual Process Builder and #2. Pre-created Database of enterprise objects.
Identity and Behavior Patterns
Behavior patterns are a unique tool that provides accurate identification of employees. Thanks to tracking, the data on an employee collected over 3-5 weeks make it possible to draw up his exact psychophysiological pattern, any deviation from which signals an emergency (event) or the transition of the beacon to another person. The neural network of behavioral patterns allows the analysis to be scaled up to analysis for the team based on the patterns of behavior of groups of employees.
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3 security perimeters
The first perimeter – household. The 2 subsequent perimeters are nested security boundaries that are created on the basis of video surveillance, face recognition, and tracking of individual beacons.
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Lossless production
DRUZA is a system that allows you to equip enterprises with a high-precision tracking system that conducts analytics of asset interaction in real-time, which allows you to build lossless production.
The principles of building production without losses:

1) Provides a software and hardware solution in the form of a system for collecting and analyzing bio-, geo-markers of employees and assets

2) Integrates with existing ERP, MES systems

3) Data analysis will help determine the reasons for the current situation in production or in a separate workshop. This enables management to optimize the business process
Process constructor
Process constructor is one of the innovations of the system. This is an add-on to the Process Builder technology with the help of which templates of different processes and their parts are pre-installed in the system.
Process template
Enterprise work and business processes with a lot of variabilities. The main point of the template is "action". This can be cargo transportation, supervision, the formation of wages, etc. It is important that there is a division into subprocesses.
Place (or places) in the enterprise
Premises or open spaces belonging to the enterprise. The essence of the template is the territory on which the actions are carried out. This can be a workshop, warehouse, parking, etc. Territorial nesting is necessarily taken into account. For example Factory site / Workshop / hall in a workshop.
Employees (including management)
Employees of the enterprise, taking into account the internal hierarchy. Partly information about them is entered during the implementation of the system, partly during further work.
Tools (enterprise assets and DRUZA systems)
Information about the tools of the DRUZA project in the system base is immediately available. Information about enterprise tools is partly entered during implementation, partly during the further operation of the system.