DRUZA 2.0 platform

IT Evolution Enterprise


DRUZA is a system based on enterprise equipment, a high-precision tracking system that allows analytics of asset interactions in real-time.
The advantage of the DRUZA platform is that it can be ideally integrated into existing MES and ERP systems, or replace them

Mission, goals, and strategy of the project
DRUZA: IT platform of Russian development that increases the efficiency of the main business processes of the enterprise
The result of effective government subsidies for the development of the production of high-tech products
The project mission
Implementation of the strategic tasks of the Russian Federation in the field of scientific, technological, socio-economic development, ensuring economic and national security.
Project goals
Taking Russian enterprises to a new level of technological development

Improving microeconomic industry performance

Increasing the competitiveness of domestic enterprises
Project strategy
Well-developed implementation scenarios that give guaranteed results

Engineering, financial and organizational support of enterprises

Rapid implementation without stopping the main business processes

Structure and work scheme
The platform integrates into the existing infrastructure of the enterprise, adding the possibility of quality growth in the main processes that accompany production
The project innovation
The project provides for: 20+ protected intellectual property objects, 6 objects prepared for state registration

Fastest deployment
Terms: from 1 day
3D Rendering
Allows you to display 3D models of objects on computers, tablets, and smartphones
Behavior patterns
A tool for analyzing events for any assets. Possibility of identification at any time

A new generation of artificial intelligence
Use of up-to-date information processing tools
System capabilities
Integration of hardware tracking assets of an enterprise with a powerful analytical system allows you to significantly optimize existing business processes and create new ones aimed at reducing production losses and overall increasing the efficiency of enterprises.
Number of supported monitoring objects
50 sm
Accuracy of determining the location of tracking objects
400 000 m2
Possible area of the tracking area
Scalable interface
Visualization of the results of the platform is presented in a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly track the processes at the enterprise in global, local and individual modes
Global map
General view and statistics of the entire enterprise. Contains a flexible system for filtering objects and tracks
Local Map
Detailed model of the facility / workshop / room with statistics of analytical modules
Individual card
The mode allows you to get information about the indicators of an employee / asset / resource of the enterprise

Applications and functionality of the system

Human Resources
Tracking employees and assets
Enterprise logistics
Vehicle tracking, routing, planning
Security Service
Increased security and privacy
Financial planning
Business Process Optimization, Analytics and Big Data
Project partners
The project team has brought together more than 20 diverse specialists, which helps to create innovative solutions for the market. Including completely new solutions for the industry
Boris Noskov
Artem Voronin
Mikhail Sergeyev
Head of DevOps department
Petr Papikhin
Creative director