DRUZA 2.0, Key technologies

Anchor-Beacon system


Each monitoring object and the enterprise assets present on it is equipped with a tracking network consisting of anchor and beacon devices

Devices of the "Anchor" type

Main signal reading device
An anchor is an electronic unit mounted on the premises of the enterprise and is part of the infrastructure that provides the exact location of beacons located at a distance from the anchor. To determine the exact location, the triangulation method between the anchors is used.
Each anchor generates a list of beacons found nearby and, with a time interval N, transmits data to the server software in the format of beacon ID-signal duration. Additional information is also transmitted, such as battery level, current status, etc.
Using the triangulation method, the system determines the exact location of each of the beacons separately and displays them on the map

Anchor - "Road markings"
An anchor, made in the form of a road marking panel, which is installed on the sides of the roads inside the enterprise and on the tracks in the premises
1. Ideal for the "Outdoors" form factor.
2. Does not require recharging the battery
3. Makes it possible to read the parameters of the state of the coating
4. Allows excluding the GPS protocol from the tracking system, which significantly reduces the cost of equipment
5. Can be used as a smart markup. Gives both brandings and structuring on roads and surfaces
The beacon is an autonomous wearable device, which is part of the general infrastructure, which provides a signal transmission at regular intervals to the Anchor to determine the exact location.

The transmitted signal contains a UID - a unique identifier and other service information


The beacon has several different implementations designed for different tasks:
1. Employee beacon
2. Beacon with access to restricted areas
3. Transport unit beacon
4. Sedentary asset beacon