DRUZA 2.0 platform

The new generation of artificial intelligence


Basing the analytics and control processes of the DRUZA system based on a new generation of AI is the main difference between the platform and the existing solutions. The idea behind the technological breakthrough in AI development is to gradually grow intelligence on an artificial basis. In our case, the basis is the technical base of the enterprise.

AI growth stages and their corresponding segments:

Starting Algorithms
Management algorithms and statistics of the main functional areas of the enterprise, filling a matrix database based on Big Data, which consists of ordered data from sensors and tracklists of enterprise objects.
Basic neural nets
Self-learning neural networks that work simultaneously for the main functional areas: Tracking, Security, Financial flows, Logistics, Behavior patterns
Artificial Intelligence DruzaAI
The core, the intelligence grown on an artificial basis, which is all the previous levels of the formation of enterprise neural networks and structured information. At the heart, as a base, artificial intelligence is based on the following components:
• Replenished Big Data
• Starting algorithms
• Basic neural networks
AI development along with the system
Each of the 3 stages of growth starts sequentially and develops further along with the rest of the segments. In the final assembly, improvement occurs in all 3 levels (segments) at once.
AI growth stages
The development of next-generation AI is based on a hybrid method. This is low-level programming based on the introduction of microelectronics, object programming at the middle, and architectural process control at the highest level. This allows AI to go through 5 stages of growth:
Structural, basic
Creation and maintenance of the basic structure of algorithms.
Creating a behavioral base for neural networks
Self-learning, reflexive
Launch of a system of training algorithms for neural networks, the formation of persistent reactions of neural networks.
Launching the managing AI - the core of the self-learning one based on the reactions of neural networks
Launching algorithms that help the control core to restructure or grow neural networks and basic algorithms in accordance with current tasks