DRUZA 2.0 platform

3D and 2D visualization


3D model, easy to open on any device. The WEBGL technology based on Unity 3D, used in next-generation video games, makes it possible to display 3D models of buildings and territories on computers, tablets and smartphones, and this is the most optimal way to quickly convey to the user the overall picture of what is happening throughout the enterprise.

3D scanning / Photogrammetry
The main technology of the DRUZA project to create 3-dimensional global maps of enterprises is photogrammetry - the compilation of 3D models from several images of one object, photographed from different angles.
Additional technologies
  • Lidar
  • David Laserscanner
  • Artec Scaner
  • Microsoft Kinect
  • RTI

3D visualization of objects

The system provides a scaling system. Starting from a global 3D map and ending with 3D models of rooms with detailed objects.
Tracking visualization
The flexible filtering system of the product interface allows you to visually display tracking at the scale of the enterprise / site / building / room